During the summer of 2012 we set out to find the best burger in London. It made sense; there was a palatable buzz around London food blogs and Twitter feeds, and friends talked more and more about the latest burger creation, the latest pop-up, and the latest burger joint to open up and get reviewed online. We had just finished a project and were looking for the next one – something was happening to burgers so we grabbed the camera, made some calls and started filming.

What started out as a simple top ten list of burgers quickly evolved into talking to the people behind the burgers, and once we’d spoken to one burger chef or restauranteur, we were immediately recommended that we speak to another. This was how we found much more than the best burger in London; we met a group of people who all have their own idea of what the perfect burger is and are all driving the burger scene onwards.

Looking back at all the conversations we’ve had (and burgers we’ve eaten), this film is not only a celebration of an exciting part of one of London’s many vibrant sub-cultures but it is also a documentary that aims to preserve a colourful moment in time where interesting and passionate people changed the public’s perception of a burger as being anything but fast food.


The London Burger Guild

Whilst filming we met many amazing people and had many fantastic conversations and ended up with over 20 hours of footage. We tried to get everyone in but unfortunately our test screener audience didn’t take too well to a 3 hour film! We did meet with Ben from Lucky Chip, Tom from Honest Burgers, James from The Wentlock and Essex, and wanted to speak to Hawksmoor, Elliot’s,┬áBar Boulud, Dirty Burger, and many more but unfortunately we could not fit everyone into the film. Despite this, we recognise that the London Burger Guild is an ever growing group of people and if you feel strongly that you should have been included please get in touch by using the Contact Us form.